Attention Startup and Scaleup founders and investors! 

Introducing the Slingshot Practice, Slingshot is opening its network of the most experienced, high-calibre and highly sought after individuals in the innovation space, giving you access to the individuals you need to take your business to the next level. 

From strategic pivots, to commercial strategies, digital marketing, capital raising, HR, financial services and more, you can access who you are looking for but might not be able to afford to hire in-house.  

Whether you've closed a new round of funding, are raising capital, have reached a growth milestone or are pivoting your strategy, we can help you find the help you need. 

The Slingshot Practice lets you: 

    • Hire Practitioners that bring concise solutions, against a defined scope of work, and flexible timing to deliver what you need.

    • Take advantage of the network of exceptional individuals that Slingshot Accelerator has gathered over the years who have helped their cohort of startups take off.

Common challenges we have helped solve

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We are targeting large corporates for customers, I need help meeting their procurement requirements”


I am a founder and need help with my presentations skills and confidence


We have built a great product, we need someone that can put together a Marketing Strategy for it


We strive for a diverse workforce but need sound policies and procedures to support it


We want to acquire a failed Startup but need help with assessing the assets and valuing it


We need someone that can help us set up our accounting properly


We have secured funding but I want to optimise expenditure to extend our runway


We need someone that can help us get the right PR strategy for our product

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We need someone to advise on language and industry trends for a new industry segment proposal

If this rings a bell, get in touch. We will be able to connect you with the right expert

Our Startup Clients

These startups get it. Some of the startups that we have helped.

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